Binners R Winners

Our planet is fast approaching a human population of 10 billion. These people all produce rubbish, most of which can be recycled. In Australia some of this is recycled, however much of our products and packaging are still going to land fill or being discarded in the environment. This discarded rubbish, mostly plastics, is having a harmful impact on animals, birds and marine life.

Captain Cleanup’s Binners R Winners Enviro Show is an interactive song and game show aimed at kindergarten to junior high school students which teaches the values of ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’. The show will inspire students to dispose of rubbish thoughtfully and sustainably.

During this hour-long show students will learn the consequences of discarding rubbish in the environment, participate in the Binners R Winners Recycling Game and the Grabba De Garbage Game, plus learn Captain Cleanup’s environmental anthem Strange Seaweed.

“Best incursion of all time!! Outstanding performance! Kids loved it and CC.”
Mr.Riley, Principal, Beldon Primary, Western Australia.

For further information ring the Captain on 0416 089 746 or fill out a booking enquiry information form.

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