Energy Efficiency

Since the industrial revolution the burning of fossil fuels has produced greenhouse gases which have accelerated global warming. In Western Australia 90 per cent of electricity created is from burning coal and gas with the other 10 per cent generated from renewable energies such as solar and wind. Every kilowatt of power saved is one less kilogram of greenhouse gas being released into the environment.

Captain Cleanup’s Energy Efficiency Enviro Show will educate students about ways to reduce energy consumption, understand energy efficiency ratings, alternative renewable power production and the safety procedures for disposing of Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) globes.

During this hour-long show students will play the Power Down game and learn the song Energy of Life.

“Captain Cleanup was excellent; not only did the students enjoy his friendly manner (plus costume and car) but his method of making them environmentally aware was highly effective.”
Liz Walker, Teacher, International School of Western Australia

For further information ring the Captain on 0416 089 746 or fill out a booking enquiry information form.

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