Great Garden

We all want to live long, healthy lives with energy to do the things we love. The best way to do this is to exercise and eat a well-balanced diet full of fruit, herbs and vegetables.

Growing our own food is easy, healthy and fun. Captain Cleanup’s Great Garden Enviro Show teaches students how to set up a basic herb and vegetable garden. They will learn the essential ingredients for good and healthy soils, how to compost and some basic tips for growing their own herbs and vegetables.

During this hour-long show students will participate in the The Grow Your Own Food game and learn the song Superhero Food.

“Your performance was excellent and greatly appreciated by all who were there on the day. I have received a lot of feedback from the public and council staff who praised the dynamic and thoroughly entertaining show. The Town of Vincent would certainly welcome further performances by Captain Cleanup at events in the future.”
Eric Aryes, Ranger Services, Town of Vincent, Western Australia

For further information ring the Captain on 0416 089 746 or fill out a booking enquiry information form.

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