Water Warriors

Our planet is warming and polar ice-caps are melting faster than any time in the past 600 years. This is causing sea levels to rise and land temperatures to increase. In Western Australia our climate has become drier with less rainfall each year. At the same time our population is rising steeply. This combination is putting enormous pressure on our declining water supply.

We all need to conserve water by using it wisely in our daily lives. In Captain Cleanup’s Water Warriors Enviro Show, students will have fun learning simple ways they can save water at school, at home and in the garden.

During this hour-long show students will participate in the Water Warriors game and learn the song Save Every Drop.

“His passion, presence and commitment to high impact environmental education is exemplary. His ability to handle all aspects of the work from design, management, delivery, evaluation and reporting make him the perfect choice for anyone serious about getting the best from their environmental education program.”
Chris Ferreira, Great Gardening Guru, Director of The Forever Project and Adjunct Lecturer Sustainability Murdoch University

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