Captain Cleanup Challenges

Captain Cleanup Challenge No.1: Bedroom Cleaning


To make a bedroom spotlessly clean and tidy by yourself.


A cleaner bedroom:

  • Is healthier to sleep in, especially if you suffer from asthma and allergies.  This is thanks to less dust, bacteria and mould
  • Allows you to find things quickly, because you’ll know where everything lives in your room
  • Shows Mum and Dad you can be responsible, work by yourself, start a task and complete it. They will love it!

Pre-Challenge: Practice Cleaning With Parent

Ask Mum or Dad to show you how to clean your room.

The Challenge

Some ideas are listed below – you can also make your own list with Mum and Dad

  1. Make bed
  2. Put dirty clothes in laundry
  3. Put away clean clothes and shoes
  4. Pack away games and toys
  5. Tidy desk
  6. Wipe dusty areas with damp cloth
  7. Vacuum or sweep room

Take a picture of your clean bedroom and pin it on your wall as a reminder you that you can do it!

Captain Cleanup Challenge No.2:  Become the ‘Recycling Ranger ‘ and Take Charge of Recycling at Your Place


To make sure all rubbish in your house gets put in the right bins.

Volunteer to be responsible for taking out the recycling bin each week and encourage every family member to recycle the right items into the right bins. Ask your local council for their recycling brochure to get you started. If you need help, ask Mum and Dad to give you a hand with this.

Advantages for Your Community

Recycling helps to:

  • Conserve our natural resources
  • Reduce landfill
  • Keep environment clean

Advantages for You as the ‘Recycling Ranger’ of the Family

Being the Recycling Ranger:

  • Shows Mum and Dad you can be responsible in committing to a job and doing it weekly.
  • Makes you feel good about yourself.

The Challenge

Some ideas are listed below – you can also make your own list with Mum and Dad

  • Separate recyclable products from rubbish.
  • Make sure recyclable products go in the correct bins.
  • Put food scraps in the compost bin or worm farm, or feed them to the chooks.
  • Re-use paper and cardboard.
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