Meet the Captain


In the late 1970s the Keep Australia Beautiful Council of Western Australia created an Australian environmental superhero, Captain Cleanup, to help educate young Western Australians about keeping Australia beautiful. The Captain encouraged everyone in schools and at festivals to clean up their own mess, bin their rubbish and take care of the environment.

Over the years the Captain has changed his look but not his message.

In 2003 Quintin George took over the Captain Cleanup program.

Today Captain Cleanup appears and performs sustainability shows at schools, universities and festivals to more than 15,000 Western Australians a year.

His trusty, well-worn and one in a million 1976 HX Holden Clean Machine is recognised by generations of Western Australians.


“Together we will create a more sustainable, healthier and happier environment to live in and enjoy.”

Every day people send billions of tonnes of waste, toxic gases and pollution into the environment and atmosphere.

This pollution is accelerating the natural global warming process. Our world climate has changed and is more severe as a result.

Captain Cleanup needs your help to turn the tide of pollution and keep the environment healthy.

Activities such as recycling, composting, growing veggie gardens, using solar or wind energy or even having a few chickens in the backyard can all help the environment.

Join Captain Cleanup and do your bit!

“Be part of the solution and not the problem.”
Captain Cleanup


You can see Captain Cleanup at the following events:

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